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La Bodega de la Rubia

Tasting a different way

You like wine?

You like Mallorca?

Then you should definitely arrange a wine tasting. Unknown wines, unknown winemakers, local grapes and a lot of passion.

That makes your wine tasting an experience!

La Rubia

Fresh and happy – Wine culture with heart

My name is Eva Strunz. For over 10 years I live and work in Sineu and run a bodega with fine wines. I was lucky enough to be able to turn my hobby into a profession and have the luxury to spend all day dealing with wine and wine lovers.

I work mainly for 5 small wineries from the heart of Majorca, whose production quantities are still low, which is why they are hardly to be found in supermarkets or on the Internet.

I would like to invite you to visit my shop in Sineu or to organize a wine tasting with me, whether in my winery, on wineries or on the finca, on request also with delicious traditional welcome dinners or professional catering.

Of course, we deliver the wine directly to your home, whether here on the island or internationally. I look forward to you, as a wine lover, and all the great conversations that result from it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon Your

Eva Strunz

La Bodega

Atmosphere and selection

Rariätäten and small treasures can be found in this lovely compiled selection

In the heart of the island is the small bodega “La Bodega de la Rubia”, translated “the Bodega of the blonde”.

In the middle of the village, behind the church of Sineu, a beautiful authentic Mallorcan village, the wine lovers will find the appealing, small shop.

Here you will find small, as yet unknown wineries of the island. Rediscover old grape varieties and get to know non-standard wines that are not found in the supermarket.

With us you have the opportunity to taste and enjoy at home. We deliver your favorite wines with our international shipping. So here’s just the question: when, how much, where to?

Provided it tastes good!

I am looking forward to your visit.

With the La Rubia on Wine Tour

We offer various possibilities to experience an individual and special wine tasting according to your needs, and all about fine Mallorcan wines.

Immerse yourself with us in the world of the still unknown and small wineries of Mallorca and learn locally their history and development.

Why is there, and what is an indigenous grape variety and why is that good, what is “wine a granel” …. which is a Quarterada and meaning in Mallorca 7103?

We will answer all these questions together.

We organize your individual wine tasting. In one of our shops in Sineu and Santanyi, or in your own private home on the finca!

In our shop in Sineu:

Duration 2,5 h
including snack (quelys, fuet, cheese and olives)
15,- € / person

Or at your finca:

Duration 2,5 h
including snack (quelys, fuet, cheese and olives)
35,- € / person

We look forward to your ideas to implement your individual wine tasting … whether at sunset on the beach or at Lluc Monastery. Send us your ideas and we will implement them!


Our network of business partners and customers.


Bodega De La Rubia
Sa Plaça, 8A
07510 Sineu
Illes Balears

Bodega De La Rubia
Calle Porta Murada 1
07560 Santanyi
Illes Balears

Phone: +34 673 332 383 info@bodega-de-la-rubia.com

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