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Fast support for Mallorcan winemakers required

To all of us!

Spain and thus Mallorca are particularly hard hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. Tourism has come to a complete standstill and the entire catering trade has been closed for weeks. The sales of the small winegrowers collapsed completely and the forecasts for this year show no improvement.

The fact is, this puts the new crop at risk! Due to the slump in sales, the existence of some winegrowers is on the brink. There is no capital to finance the 2020 harvest; because the bearings are still filled with the years 2018 and 2019! The small wineries simply have no place for the new wines.


If the winegrowers cannot harvest this year’s grapes, their existence is at risk. So quick help is needed so that we do not lose this piece of original Mallorca!

Eva Strunz and Maya Arlt, owners of la Bodega de la Rubia, would like to draw your attention to the dramatic situation of the small winegrowers and ask them all to help you quickly. Eva says it’s easy to help: “By buying Mallorcan wine you are generally supporting the winegrowers. The purchase of every bottle counts here! And at the same time, in this difficult time for all of us, bring home the beautiful memory of Mallorca. So everyone benefits from it. “

The la Bodega de la Rubia in Sineu has been committed to winemakers with tradition in Mallorca for 11 years. It works and promotes exclusively small wineries operated by Mallorcan people who claim to produce good wine. 

In order to clarify the desperate situation of the winegrowers, Eva has put together a video with her voices that illustrate the situation: The video with the winegrowers of the bodegas.

Words from the Winegrowers

The Bodegas are:

To support the small winegrowers with whom they work closely, la Bodega de la Rubia has put together a special offer that is delivered – also to Germany and internationally. This is your contribution to the quick help for the winegrowers and the securing of the 2020 productions. And for those who cannot come to the island at the moment and still do not want to do without Mallorca entirely.

If you want to help or want more information about the wine offer, you can always contact the la Bodega de la Rubia directly.

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